Thursday, March 8, 2018

Like Father Like Daughter

When my daughter was born, i was the happiest man on earth. My joy knew no bounds. I always wanted a daughter and i already had a name in my mind - Kaveri. The lifeline of Karnataka and Tamil nadu. I really loved the name but when it came to the naming ceremony i was severely opposed by majority and i could not name my own daughter. This was much before my fascination of HMT watches. Years passed and i became enamored with HMT watches. I was surprised when i came to know that i have a namesake watch from HMT and after alot of legging around, i acquired one. Much later i was going through the HMT pricelist one day and i came across HMT Kaveri. My daughter was sitting next to me and she knew how I wanted to name her Kaveri. She requested me to get that watch for her. Within a few days i bought one for her. When I bought it, we were surprised to see the striking resemblance it has with HMT Prashanth. Though HMT Prashanth is an automatic watch and Kaveri a hand winding watch they do look inspired by eachother. I couldn't name my daughter Kaveri but HMT created a watch so similar to the one her dad owns now. My daughter is too young to wear an HMT Kaveri now but one day i am sure she will wear it with a lot of pride.
HMT Kaveri on my daughter's wristth automatic- My Namesake

HMT Kaveri on my Daughter's wrist

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