Monday, August 25, 2014

Meeting a very young HMT fan

A few days back I had the privilege of meeting a very young HMT fan and thought of sharing the event with you all. I was at the HMT showroom in Unity building getting one of my watches serviced. While I was there, a father and son duo stopped by to check out the mechanical watches available in the showroom. They were looking for a Janata, Sona and a Pilot watch, which unfortunately were out of stock at the showroom. They were asked to check the availability of these watches with the opposite watch shop. As I moved out of the showroom, the shopkeeper opposite the showroom, Mr. Satyanarayana called me to check out a few watches and for our weekly banter. I asked the gentleman (father) if it was the first time he was buying an HMT watch and our discussion started. I was then surprised by the interest of his son in the HMT watches. He was barely 10-12 years old and was very much interested in the watches and the tick-tick sound of the moment. He wanted to understand the difference between the automatic and mechanical watches and so many other things. I was delighted to answer his queries and suggested them a few watches to start their collection. After sometime I decided to leave them with their HMT shopping for the day. As I bid them farewell, I asked the young HMT fan his name. “My name is Aditya” – He said. I asked him – “Do you know there is an HMT watch with your name on its dial”.”Oh really” – He exclaimed. The joy and bewilderment on the kids face was a Kodak moment. “Have you seen it? Do you have that watch in your collection, where can I get that watch?”etc. I asked them if they are on Facebook. He said he was not on facebook but will join our facebook group (HMT watch collectors) through his mother’s id. I gave them our group and page details promised that I will post the pictures of my Aditya watch pretty soon. I also asked Mr. Satyanarayana to get him an Aditya, which he promised the kid immediately. I was quite happy to see the interest of next generation in these watches. The future thus will remain promising for HMT.

So Aditya, Here is my Aditya watch for your viewing pleasure...enjoy..