Friday, April 11, 2014

HMT Akarsh - An attractive watch

Akarsh means attractive. True to its name this is a very attractive watch from HMT watches and at the same time one of the most unspoken watch from HMT. I remember picking up the first Akarsh watch from a dealer in Bangalore. Its blingy yet elegant look really attracted me. It goes well even as a dress watch.

I shared the pictures on our facebook page and quite a few people loved it and asked me to help them get this watch. Since then I was constantly looking for this watch to help other watch fans get one for themselves. In this quest, a few days back I was informed by one of my dealer friends that he has an Akarsh watch. I thought I will go and check it out on behalf of a friend. However, when I saw the watch it was a different variant and I loved the watch the moment I saw it. The sober grey dial has a hint of mischief with the light reflecting off the dial’s contours was quite different than the other blingy variant I have. 

I love this watch and the decision to buy this watch was immediate.  As I write about the watch, it sits proudly on my wrist knowing well that it would be one of those watches that would get a lot of my wrist-time. I really feel that I was lucky to get both these watches as a new old stock watches. This watch is highly recommended to all HMT watch fans.