Friday, March 13, 2015

Unboxing pictures of White and Brownish Maroon Pilot watches - recieved from

I was quite excited when I ordered a couple of watches from the official retail site of HMT watches . This was the first time I was ordering a watch through the website. The transaction was quite smooth and the experience was really good. Immediately after I had placed my order I got an email confirmation just like any other retail website of present day.

I ,like many been in touch with the HMT office urging them to start an online retail shop. This became a reality in October of 2014. I must confess the watches that were available on the site since then were either not exciting or were in my collection already. So, finally I saw something I wanted and placed the order two days back. I was expecting the package to arrive in a week but I guess being in Bangalore reduced my waiting time for between the day of placing order and receiving the package was a gap of just one day. 

My observations - The watches were packed quite well and there was enough protection to save the watch from any damage due to shocks or moisture.Shipping charges INR 80 per watch are charged over and above the price of the watches and these watches are shipped across India via the India post - Speed post. These watches are sent in sturdy HMT boxes unlike the flimsy plastic ones seen in the showrooms. They come with a printed invoice and signed guarantee card. HMT does not ship watches outside India, I guess they have more than enough orders in India itself :-) . The only way out for those who want these watches outside India is to order using the details of a friend in India and asking them to receive it on their  behalf and shipping it across to them.Though the chances are remote still, If you find any issues with your watch please reach out to the person in charge of retail business. His number is mentioned on the envelope. You will find him very helpful.

I share with you the un-boxing pictures. I would rate my experience 10/10.   

I have also uploaded an unboxing video on youtube you can access the same by clicking on this link  - >

The Package - Next to It are My Oliver F27 fountain pen and the HMT Akarsh watch
The First look - Beautiful red box with HMT printed on the Top
Under the multiple wrappings of tape is a sturdy envelope 
Both the boxes were wrapped in polythene bags for further protection specially from moisture
More Polythene wrapping - Inside the bigger\polythene envelope is another pack of polythene 
The Product - HMT White and Brownish maroon Pilot watches. Neatly tucked inside the sturdy boxes wrapped in polythene covers
Invoice was inside the envelope and Guarantee cards were inside the boxes  
The Gorgeous white Pilot. 
The Brownish Maroon Pilot