Friday, March 13, 2015

Unboxing pictures of White and Brownish Maroon Pilot watches - recieved from

I was quite excited when I ordered a couple of watches from the official retail site of HMT watches . This was the first time I was ordering a watch through the website. The transaction was quite smooth and the experience was really good. Immediately after I had placed my order I got an email confirmation just like any other retail website of present day.

I ,like many been in touch with the HMT office urging them to start an online retail shop. This became a reality in October of 2014. I must confess the watches that were available on the site since then were either not exciting or were in my collection already. So, finally I saw something I wanted and placed the order two days back. I was expecting the package to arrive in a week but I guess being in Bangalore reduced my waiting time for between the day of placing order and receiving the package was a gap of just one day. 

My observations - The watches were packed quite well and there was enough protection to save the watch from any damage due to shocks or moisture.Shipping charges INR 80 per watch are charged over and above the price of the watches and these watches are shipped across India via the India post - Speed post. These watches are sent in sturdy HMT boxes unlike the flimsy plastic ones seen in the showrooms. They come with a printed invoice and signed guarantee card. HMT does not ship watches outside India, I guess they have more than enough orders in India itself :-) . The only way out for those who want these watches outside India is to order using the details of a friend in India and asking them to receive it on their  behalf and shipping it across to them.Though the chances are remote still, If you find any issues with your watch please reach out to the person in charge of retail business. His number is mentioned on the envelope. You will find him very helpful.

I share with you the un-boxing pictures. I would rate my experience 10/10.   

I have also uploaded an unboxing video on youtube you can access the same by clicking on this link  - >

The Package - Next to It are My Oliver F27 fountain pen and the HMT Akarsh watch
The First look - Beautiful red box with HMT printed on the Top
Under the multiple wrappings of tape is a sturdy envelope 
Both the boxes were wrapped in polythene bags for further protection specially from moisture
More Polythene wrapping - Inside the bigger\polythene envelope is another pack of polythene 
The Product - HMT White and Brownish maroon Pilot watches. Neatly tucked inside the sturdy boxes wrapped in polythene covers
Invoice was inside the envelope and Guarantee cards were inside the boxes  
The Gorgeous white Pilot. 
The Brownish Maroon Pilot


Hari said...

When was the pilot available on line i am tracing from years still no luck can u help me find one?

Jaideep Sen said...

Lovely stuff! : )

Alex McNair said...

I just discovered your blog and I have really enjoyed reading all your thoughts on HMT watches. I'm new to these wonderful timepieces. I have two, a Rajat and a Pilot as well as a Janata in the mail, and I love them all, as quirky as they are. Keep up the good work bringing HMT to people's attention.

Payeng said...

Hi Prashant,

Awesome job with this blog.

The Pilot right now on the HMT site says that "Stock Awaited"..

.. which means that right now it is out of stock. Is there a change of new stocks coming?

Sai Praveen said...

I ordered White Janata and Looking for Black Pilot.

The first watch I had during my school days were HMT Janata , HMT Pilot , HMT Sona , HMT Kohinoor Grey ...Bad luck I lost them while shifting home and now collecting them.

Deepa Iyer said...

Amazing collection you've got. Would you recommend ordering this one from the HMT website or from the retailers? I see that some watches are not available on the hmt site but are with the retailers.

Prashant Pandey said...

Hi Hari and Payeng - Keep an eye on the official HMT watches website. The stocks are being updated regularly.Good Luck

Prashant Pandey said...

Hi Deepa, I suggest if you like it buy it. I suggest you to buy it only from HMT watches.

R Shankar said...

Over the past 2 months, I have acquired at least 25 new HMTs across categories and models, directly from the HMT website and absolutely fantastic services from HMT. Almost each consignment was shipped in about 2-3 days from the date of placing the order. I have acquired Kohinoor, Vijay, Chetan, Akash, Dipti, Usha, NASS 12, NASS 13 and a host of attractive Quartz Models as well.

R Shankar said...

Hi Hari, just saw your comment of 14th March. Wrt your query on availability of HMT Pilot, I have been seeing that every once in 15 days, the Black Pilot is made available for just a couple of hours and then goes back into Stock Awaited mode. Suggest that you should keep monitoring at least twice or thrice in a day to have a chance to get hold of it.

Sai Praveen said...

Hi Prashant -

I would like to go for HMT automatic watch. At this point of time there are two watches NASS 09 and NASS 06 avbl . I am prety confused to choose the one which has more vintage look and value. Plz help me with details on these both so that I can choose one.

Prashant Pandey said...

Hello Sai Praveen,

NASS stands for New Automatic Steel case and Steel strap (20mm). Both have large stainless steel cases. While NASS 09 has a case similar to Rado diastar measuring 40mm. NASS 06 has a circular case measuring 50mm, which is probably the biggest automatic watch from HMT. Both look good and come in Blue, Black and white dial variants.Both have an imported miyota 8205 movement with a quick set day-date function.So apart from the cosmetic appeal of the watches rest is same when it comes to movement etc.

I suggest you to take a call on which you like more. Hope this helps

R Shankar said...

Hi Prashant, I had recently acquired NASS 12 and NASS 13 and that too I should say with a great stroke of luck. The same just vanished within a couple of hours of being made available. I was told by HMT Jalahalli staff that I was the one and only person who acquired them last month and they are great models. Hope both these are good models, happy to receive details.

Sai Praveen said...

Hi Prashant -

Thanks for replying...I have ordered my watch but bad luck is when the website threw error and the payment processed but order not placed... I have requested for an update from HMT and waiting for their reply.

I went for NASS 06 & one more Janata.

Not sure when Pilot would get added up ...

Prashant Pandey said...

Hi R Shankar,

I have a NASS 11 and i quite love it.The design of NASS 11,12 and 13 are slightly different but the overall retro appeal with a modern movement is what charms its admirers. NASS stands for New Automatic Steel case and Steel strap. They come in Blue, Black/dark grey and white with guilloche pattern dial variants.Under the hood its an imported miyota 8205 movement with a quick set day-date function.So apart from the cosmetic appeal of the watches rest is same when it comes to movement etc.

Prashant Pandey said...

Hi Sai Praveen,

I am sorry to hear about your trouble. Please reach out to the ecommerce team at HMT and i am quite hopeful of your problem being satisfactorily resolved.

The website gets updated every few days.I understand there were some white pilots available today but then they were all picked up in minutes. Keep an eye on it and I am sure you would have a pilot on your wrist soon.

R Shankar said...

Hi Prashant, many thanks for your info on NASS 11,12,13. Hope HMT is not closing down anytime soon since the ecommerce operation is still very much on though I got to know that production has been totally stopped for the last 6 months for the mechanical range in both WFB and WFR. WFT is still churning out Quartz watches I guess.

Prashant Pandey said...

Hi R Shankar,

Its not over till its over.I would reserve my comments on the internal matters of HMT watches.

Lets just enjoy the watches.

Sai Praveen said...

Hi Prashant - Though I did not get email response , I called up the mobile number and the person responded to my query and update the web page with my purchase orders. My watches would be delivered next week.

I am waiting for Pilot and few NASS 13 and NASS11 ...

Recently I saw an Ebay sale of Pilot watches for 88,000 Rs...Not sure who is the guy trying these tricks.

Lot of fake watches in Ebay is making rounds.

Sai Praveen said...

Happy to finally order my White HMT Pilot watch before couple of days. It was for a short time that I could see White Pilot available in HMT website and I quickly ordered.

Sai Praveen said...

I got my White Pilot and again faced problem when I saw Black Pilot watch online available , I booked three watch and the second transaction order number was same and the entry is not getting updated in Order History. Response from HMT website Ecommerce is nil and they don't respond to mails.

I am worried as my watches are not shipped even after 15 days .

Sai Praveen said...

No one can understand better than a HMT fan on how we feel having Black Pilot on our wrist... Finally I got my Black Pilot delivered before couple of days. I just feel very sad to see few people trying to make use of this demand and trying to sell watches on high price... Friends plz keep track and recently I have seen white pilot being sold many times in HMT website and black was avbl last week.

Gobiraja K.S. said...

Hi prashant,

i am newforwatch collecting. i havetwo hmt's. hmt braille and pilot. bouth are used. brille looks and works good. but pilot works good and have a very good machine. problem is pilots look. the dots in the dial are faded. and name pilot less visible.where can i geta original dial. i m from tamilnadu. a small town called komarapalayam near erode.please help my watch to get a new face.

Prashant Pandey said...

Hi Gobiraja,

I can only suggest you to reach out to HMT watch showrooms. I understand that the HMT Chennai showroom is still functional though i am not sure if they would be able to help you with a spare dial. Do try your luck with them I am not sure of any other reliable sources.

If nothing works out you can always buy a new one from HMTwatches offical website

Siddharth said...

Mr. Gobiraja U can get ur pilot watch repaired in chennai showroom. this is their number 044-23620495. make a call on availability of the product before u proceed to this showroom.

Siddharth said...

Hi prashant...

I got 2 things to say today. One was happy n other one was sad thing. Today i pruchased my HMT NASS06 watch successfully here in chennai and thats the happiest thing. And the sad one is HMT Chennai show room Will be closed forever. I inquired the reason to one of the staff working there, he said "Hmt bangalore head quarters ashed them to wind up the show room. the show room in chennai will function till this june end. After and all it'll be closed for ever. sad to hear.

Lian Meng Lennon Lim said...

Hi. I have interest in HMT watches and I find them very good looking. I'm keen to purchase it online however the website seems not working. Maybe I'm accessing from Singapore? Is the online store has stopped?

R Shankar said...

Can someone assist in explaining the differences (both technical and visual) between a HMT Janata and a Janata Deluxe in addition to where those were primarily made - factories whether WFB, WFT, WFR etc.

Prashant Pandey said...

Janata deluxe is different from Janata in several ways. Janata has a pie-pan shaped dial and domed crystal, while dlx has flat dial and crystal. Janata comes on a leather strap while dlx on a steel bracelet. Also dlx looks slightly smaller when compared to Janata because of it's design. These were made across HMT factories. Hope this helps.

Jude Gerald Lopez said...

I just discovered your blog a week back and have been taken through a journey of time. I do not own a hmt watch as of now, but I'm guessing that's about to change soon.

R Shankar said...

Friends, I was able to successfully pick up both a Black Pilot and Black Arabic Pilot today from the HMT Watches E-Com Portal. Feeling ecstatic as I had been waiting for nearly 7-8 months to grab a pair of these. I was religiously browsing the site a minimum of 2 times daily, sometimes even 3-4. To my astonishment, I saw both available in front of my eyes today and lo! the transaction went through in a jiffy too ! My wishes have truly come true this day. I am truly elated !

Vikrama. N said...

Friends, I had been a late bloomer casting my eyes elsewhere when I was having the Jewel in my backyard!! Why do you need TagHeuer, Omega when you have innumerable models at dead cheap prices available in the city where you live?!!! Above all it is "Made in India".

Anyway, the realisation of HMT's imminent closure has dawned on me in the beginning of the month. No sooner, I pulled up my sox, I started to run around the HMT factory gates, Showrooms, Authorised Dealers etc...

Due to my stroke of luck & kind hearted people, I was able to collect a few Jems made by HMT.
1. Pilot white with blue hands
2. Pilot Black
3. Pilot Orange
4. Janata Black dial
5. Janata white dial
6. Rajat Supreme Black dial
7. Saurabh Suprement white dial (this is a Jem!!)
8. Vijay
9. Chirag Brown two tone dial
10. Chirag Blue two tone dial
11. NASS 12 Blue dial
12. HMT Vikram
13. Janata milky white dial

I am now intoxicated / possessed by these retro design vintage HMT mechanical watches! These watches do have their own soul.
I have been scouting around the Watch shops like mad cat (much to the chagrin of my family) and I will not rest till I fish out Kohinoors, other NASS models!!

HMT will live forever in our heart & thoughts.
Long Live HMT.