Friday, April 11, 2014

HMT Akarsh - An attractive watch

Akarsh means attractive. True to its name this is a very attractive watch from HMT watches and at the same time one of the most unspoken watch from HMT. I remember picking up the first Akarsh watch from a dealer in Bangalore. Its blingy yet elegant look really attracted me. It goes well even as a dress watch.

I shared the pictures on our facebook page and quite a few people loved it and asked me to help them get this watch. Since then I was constantly looking for this watch to help other watch fans get one for themselves. In this quest, a few days back I was informed by one of my dealer friends that he has an Akarsh watch. I thought I will go and check it out on behalf of a friend. However, when I saw the watch it was a different variant and I loved the watch the moment I saw it. The sober grey dial has a hint of mischief with the light reflecting off the dial’s contours was quite different than the other blingy variant I have. 

I love this watch and the decision to buy this watch was immediate.  As I write about the watch, it sits proudly on my wrist knowing well that it would be one of those watches that would get a lot of my wrist-time. I really feel that I was lucky to get both these watches as a new old stock watches. This watch is highly recommended to all HMT watch fans.         




Thank you for such a beautiful update on HMT Watches. I wear my dad's 30 year old HMT Pragathi. :)

Looking for a HMT Automatic Skeleton in Delhi. Could you please advise (or maybe HMT), where is the authorized HMT showroom in Delhi. Thanks in advance. :)

Prashant Pandey said...

Dear Arnav,

You can follow this link for the address of the New Delhi retail outlet of HMT watches


Ranpreet Sachdeva said...

Hi Prashant I am a big fan of HMT and now even a bigger fan of yours I have been looking for a HMT RANJIT for sometime but no luck however I have found 2 resources one at chinar factory and one local dealer who has lot of old new stock I recently bought nachiket,sweekar and old rajat order for Dilip, adsl02 , and black Sona is on its way. Let's connect sometime and discss delhi showroom has nothing in there

Shailesh Shinde said...

hello prashant,
i am new to blogging..
i am actually a vinyl records collector , from pune, and have just joined the hmt watches fans bandwagon as i fell in love with their watches after the company died down!!

in a frenzy of purchases i have so far( within one week in fact) managed to collect avinash,jayant,trisul,kanchan premium,janata devnagri dial,vijay, ganga,sona (black and white dials with red seconds needle), kohinoor,chirag in new condition with warranty within pune..
i raided all shops in fact!!!
and a relative has bought a huge bunch of watches from a remote village..will let you know models when they arrive in my hands (old new stock)..
i am keen to own a pilot in all dials possible and white english dials janata and some other automatic watches..can you tell me if there is a chance in any bangalore shops to get old new stock as i have friends down in bangalore..


Mohan said...

I have a stainless steel quartz day date (TL10 -8402) which I bought more than 30 years ago. I haven't found any pictures of this model and am curious as to why and would appreciate comments. Thanks

Prashant Pandey said...

Dear Mohan,

You might find this link and page helpful

Prashant Pandey said...

Hi Shailesh,

I suggest you to keep an eye on the HMT watches official website. You can purchase watches online and they would be delivered to your doorsteps. They update their stocks regularly including Janata and pilot watches.