Monday, November 11, 2013

What the heck is a mechanical watch ?

I don’t think there is anybody out here who does not know about watches. However often people who got their first watch in the 90s ask me what is an automatic/self-winding watch and a winding watch. This is because their first watch was either a digital watch or a quartz watch powered by an electric cell.

To give you an insight into mechanical watches a winding watch is one where you have to rotate the crown clockwise to wind its main spring mechanism to make the watch tick again. This has to be done regularly or every time the watch stops ticking. An automatic watch is more complicated than the winding watch and it is one where your wrist movements makes a rotatory weight in the clock mechanism turn due to earth’s gravitational pull. This movement of rotatory wheels winds the watch and the watch keeps ticking as long as you wear the watch daily for a few hours. Incase it lies in your cupboard for long and stops all you have to do is take it out, set the time and give it a few gentle shakes to make it tick again. I have used a layman language here to make you guys understand these watches a little more.

Mechanical watches work because of an intricate system of rotating wheels/gears and springs. These turning gears sit on synthetic jewels which reduce the friction when the gears move and thus protects them from getting worn-off and ensures longevity of the watch’s life. Its typically the number of jewels used in the mechanism of a watch that often defines its complexity. i.e. higher the number of jewels more complex would be the watch movement.

HMT mechanical watches use a 17 jewels movement for its winding watches. You can find the movement mentioned on an HMT watch dial like 0231, 020 etc. A classic example would be HMT Pilot, Sona, Janata etc.

An HMT Jhalak Black dial watch with a 17 jewels 0231 movement mentioned on the dial

HMT automatic watches use a 21 jewels winding movement like 6500, 8205 etc. For example An HMT  Rajat watch has a 6500 movement.

A black dial HMT Rajat has a 21 jewels 6500 movement 

These watches are timeless beauties and have mesmerized generations for decades now.

These watches have the old world charm and still do not burn a hole in your pocket as they are quite affordable.

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